Bio: Mary McCarthy/Investor Specialist

Over the past eight years, Mary has specialized in newly-public corporations and private companies that plan to go public.

She has helped with the business plans and strategies for other Internet companies including an Internet incubator, an Internet Services Provider, an e-healthcare company, a video game distribution company, and has written more than 20 business plans for various enterprises. She has extensive experience in the telecommunications, high-tech, Internet, computer software, entertainment, banking, manufacturing, cable, real estate, bio-pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

Mary provides appropriate strategic positioning of the Company as an attractive investment vehicle which is critically important to its market valuation. It takes a specialist, experienced in dealing with public shareholders, with analysts at institutions and investment banks and with money managers, to effectively communicate the investment thesis of the Company and to thereby maximize shareholder value. She has long-standing relationships with money managers and firms ranging in size from $100 million under management to billions of dollars in equity investments. 

Mary's experience in investor relations enables clients to avoid running afoul of legal, Securities and Exchange Commission and National Association of Securities Dealers regulations--to protect the company and its management.

Services Mary McCarthy provides:
Investor Relations and marketing
Strategies for initial and interim financing
Positioning for IPO's
Presentation development to specific audiences involved in the IPO process
Introductions to Internet Analysts and investment banking firms
Writing and production of promotional materials and media kits
Media planning and execution coordinated with editorial
Media contacts

Resume: Mary McCarthy

Merrill Lynch & Co.
L.H. Friend, Weinress and Frankson
Securities Analyst

Mary received her registration as a stockbroker, with full knowledge of the rules, regulations and boundaries of that profession; and she has been responsible for sizable direct sales to money managers and large funds for both the companies she covered as an analyst, and, recently, for client companies in her investor relations efforts.

Senior Vice President-Corporate Development
Responsible for creating the company's five-year strategic plan (the targets of which were achieved in 18 months), the identification, solicitation, structuring and closing of the Telepictures acquisition (a $300 million transaction that was lauded by Wall Street and resulted in a doubling of Lorimar's net worth), and the $190 million purchase of the MGM lot and laboratory, which secured Lorimar's television production output. The peripheral real estate rights in the deal brought an immediate 20% IRR to the company. Ms. McCarthy's investment in Warner Communications gave Lorimar its last recorded profitability, a $21 million gain on $92 million in capital.

MGM/UA Communications
Senior Vice President-Corporate Development
Mary increased the return on assets among the various operating entities of the company. She packaged the television division for sale/strategic partnering, brought in the first-ever promotional ad (a substantial fee from Mars Candy Co.) on a motion picture videocassette as part of a plan to partner major consumer goods companies with the video division of the company, and performed break-up as well as whole-company valuations on MGM/UA, in Kirk Kerkorian's efforts to sell.


A Washington, D.C.- and Los Angeles-based electronic community developer for the inner cities, she formed and implemented the pilot project, wrote and produced the documentary on the first class of graduate computer literacy students who were moving from welfare to jobs, and helped create the e.villages web site and business plan.

David H. Murdock Development Company
Manager of investments and mergers and acquisitions
Identified and participated in the execution of key acquisitions, and managed a highly successful $200 million portfolio of investments in publicly-held companies. Several innovative financial structurings were deployed at the time, including LBOs, a spin-off, self-administered exchange offers and a going-private transaction.

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