Southern California Televised Awards Show Talent Liaison will help talent, managers, (even publicists) have a better time when in Southern California.

Talent knows me by face, some by name ~ rob.

Rob Cummings  Televised Awards Show Talent Escort and Liaison.

At the crowded LA-based televised Awards Shows (1992-2003), many knew my name, many more saw my face... talent, celebrity management, their friends and families, cameramen, directors, producers, stage hands, stage managers.

I'll never drop names, yet if you felt good about the way I handled things at the awards shows, please get in touch - in complete confidence.

If you saw me yet were not sure what I was doing...

My assignments were the 'most difficult' show hosts and talent, and properly managing the talent's experience throughout the show.

Difficult ranged from extremely famous, to difficult to deal with (rarely), to life being threatened at the time (more than once), to photographers won't leave them alone, to (the reverse) they like to run out into crowds unannounced, and more.

Many shows you've heard of, many you probably haven't. Here's the short list:

American Music Awards
Billboard Awards
Blockbuster Entertainment Awards
Cable Ace Awards
Casa Awards
Country Music Awards
Daytime Emmy Awards
Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve (show)
Director's Guild Awards
Emmy Awards
Golden Globe Awards
Grammy Awards
Kid's Choice Awards
MTV Music Awards
MTV Movie Awards
People's Choice Awards
Primetime Emmy Awards
Sinatra: 80 Years My Way (show)
Screen Actors Guild Awards
Soap Opera Digest Awards
Soul Train Awards
Teen Choice Awards

Rob will never mention or drop names but here's the general story:

Rob took his position as a 'host to the talent' seriously in regards to talent management, representing the production company, and making top talent feel at home and taken care of in the best possible way.

From 1992-2003 Rob met virtually every celebrity (talent) past and present - in every genre - and in a unique, friendly, pleasant, non-threatening way.

Since Televised Awards Shows cover every aspect of entertainment, and attendees at Televised Awards Shows are famous talent as hosts, presenters, audience members, special guests - if you work at these shows, you meet these people.

Televised Awards Shows are a lot like a carnival. They get set up, 1000's of people assemble for a few days (rehearsals and day of show), then they disappear until the next Televised Awards Show.

Please contact Rob to simply say hello, or have Rob help.

Rob would love to hear from any of the talent and crew he came to know by name or face at LA based televised awards shows.

Talent knows the extent Rob goes to in order to insure privacy, how he knows all the ins and outs, how well he handles top talent - plus is fun.

If you are talent or management that experienced Rob at a Televised Award show and need a smart escort, helper, guide in Southern California, someone with local Southern California knowledge to make the visit more fun and enjoyable, with a keen sense of talent needs and proper procedure, please drop Rob a note.

Just like at the televised awards shows, I'll help any way I can.

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