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Search engine optimization
is a technique and method.

My report will explain the
SEO technique and
enable your staff to write
for the search engines,
understand search engines,
and think like your
prospects using the
search engines.

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Search Engine Optimization | Top search engine results.


Frequently asked questions about me and SEO:

Many remain unsure if anyone claiming to be a search engine optimization consultant, expert or professional can make a Site appear at the top of web search results since achieving top web ranking and position appears to be so mysterious.

My report will 'reveal the magic' behind search engine optimization and appearing on the first pages of search results. You found this page, true?

Like a magic trick, once I reveal how appearing in the top of the search results is done (in my report), you will likely be amazed.

At the same time, once I reveal the secrets and eliminate the mystery, you will quickly realize that what you believed was 'magic' was instead a smart method and solution based on knowing how search engines work and how people work with search engines.

Can you build a Site for us (instead of the report)?
Yes. Some prefer me to build, while others prefer to have their teams build.

How long does it take to achieve top position?
For many Sites, especially those that are not search engine optimized, the results can be seen in 2-8 weeks, yet I have seen this happen in less time. There are a number of variables that will be explained in my report.

In most cases, your Site or pages should be able to achieve first or second page results (depending on variables), and in many cases, first page results. I will let you know your chances of top results at the time you contact me to buy my report.

In all cases, performing search engine optimization is much better than doing nothing at all - and my strategies will also help improve your business and its operations.

What if we have no chance of top position?
This is rarely the case, though if I feel you may not be able to achieve top position and ranking, I will not sell you my report.

How do we know you can do successful SEO?
You can see some examples and try some searches here. These example results are real yet shown on a page that I made sure was not indexed by the search engines (with simple code I added so the search engines would not de-list me).

How did you become an SEO expert?
I am able to provide expert and professional search engine optimization techniques, recommendations, strategies and consulting as a result of years of broad experience in marketing and promotion (since 1979), combined with hands-on experience with the Internet and SEO since 1997 when I created and launched

In one aspect of my life (of which there are now many),  I am a writer and designer. I have read a great deal about search engines and search engine optimization and made it work for my own Sites and the Sites I design, write and develop for clients. I developed a technique and method that worked, continues to work, and is makes so much sense that it should work well into the future.

Are you a code guy?
No, I don't write code and am not an IT guy. I leave the code to the IT guys yet I understand the process. My technique and method does not involved any tricky code or coding. It's based on marketing, promotion, and understanding the Internet and how people use it.

How did you learn so much about appearing top in the search results and maintaining top result position and ranking?
Admittedly, I spend far more time than I probably should researching with search engines for multiple projects I am involved in that are not SEO -related (for business plans and competitive research which I also do).

This keeps me abreast of the Internet, the world, and the latest search engine optimization strategies since I am quick to identify how Sites achieve top ranking and why others do not.

Are you a page rank or computer genius?
No. This is likely the best reason to have me advise you on how your Site can appear in the first pages of web results.

Others that spend all day every day doing search engine optimization or who have any sort of specialized background in any one specific area - computers for example - have a hard time understanding the marketing and business development strategies and tactics required for advanced search engine optimization. Many I have spoken to remain confused about the basics and fundamentals of search engine optimization. This may be because they are too close to the code or other technical aspects, or because they are not adept in marketing.

Search engine optimization simply requires knowing how to make it work, and a knack for understanding people and the psychology of searching.

Do you have an 'in' at the search engine companies to do this?
No. There are no 'inside' deals that I have ever heard of. I simply know how search engines work, how people using the Internet work, and how to make appearing high in the web search results work. To learn how Sites achieve top ranking and position took years of reading, practice, testing (which I still do all the time for clients as well as my own businesses).

Is being an SEO advisor all you do?
No, and that's probably best. In my 'other life or lives', I could be considered an entrepreneur. I have owned my design firm since 1979 (which has always involved much more than graphic design), as well as been involved in many other projects and activities that enabled me to do and experience a great many things in my life. All of this has helped me to do better search engine optimization.

Everything I have done has required some form of copywriting, sales, and being a good communicator. If you wish, you can read my Bio.

My latest interest is ESSENTUALE though I continue to own Cummings Design and and am always thinking of and becoming involved in new endeavors.

Part of what makes a successful search engine optimization consultant or advisor is having broad experience in many areas of life and business.

What makes you a better choice for SEO advice?
Formal education, over 27 years experience, a lifelong quest for knowledge, and an entrepreneurial attitude, aside from basic search engine optimization techniques that will help you gain top web search position. The ideas and concepts I provide while developing your search engine strategy will include the basics and fundamentals yet will also go far beyond that of most others. I will help you get off to the best start in achieving top search engine results now and in the future with my report.

How does one know and choose the best search engine optimization specialist, company, or consultant?
When choosing a search engine optimization consultant or company to help you learn the techniques of SEO, the writer with the broadest background, experience, and creative mind may be your best choice.

My broad experience and talent as a promotional copywriter and business strategist helps me to help others as a search engine optimization strategist at both basic and advanced levels. I also write and develop business plans, that helps me understand more about all aspects of business. At advanced levels of search engine optimization, understanding business operations helps.

Other SEO guys say they have a fast, easy solution, and we don't have to do anything to achieve top results. True?
If any search engine optimization specialist or company tells you they know tricks to 'outsmart' the search engines, they are very much mistaken. You might choose to buy my report or pay me my hourly fee to analyze claims made by others that seem unrealistic or are hard to believe. Some claims that I have seen made are so outrageous that I might warn you for free to avoid having this reflect poorly on the qualified professionals involved in SEO. To many, SEO remains a mystery, and unfortunately this includes a great number of people who claim to be experts or professionals.

What are the qualifications to look for in an SEO advisor?
A search engine optimization consultant with broad experience (especially as a copywriter and with a marketing background) may be your best bet.

It helps if your SEO consultant or advisor has a proven and time-tested method, vision, innovative marketing strategies, and a thoughtful, analytical mind - plus is a good communicator who can explain SEO to you and others involved in your Site development and business development.

A good SEO advisor or consultant will help you learn how to appear at or near the top of search engine results, and how to remain at the top of the results without trying to maintain ownership of your Site or hold you hostage.

This sounds like your best bet to start achieving and then maintain top web result position could be me! To get a better idea of who I am and everything I have done since 1979, you might want to click here.

What about other SEO experts?
A number of SEO consultants are very good at what they do though, as with all professions, some are not good at all and can cause you tremendous problems. With me, you will learn safe and proven strategies that will never go out of style or become outdated - and chances are very high that my solutions will work for years to come - though no one can honestly guarantee anything will last forever.

Are all SEO consultants the same or equally qualified?
No. The good SEO advisors learn about you and your business, industry and market, and base their search engine optimization recommendations on solid concepts and ethical reasoning that the search engines never have a problem with. The recommendations and advice of some 'so-called' SEO professionals and companies who do not know what they are doing can be ineffective at best and very risky in the worst case scenarios.

Are all qualified SEO advisors the same?
Though the most qualified and best of the SEO professionals may not all be as creative in their recommendations and advanced strategies, and some may have a bias towards marketing while others have a bias toward technical aspects, the principles and fundamentals of good search engine optimization methodologies are essentially agreed by all that are qualified and professional.

The difference in SEO consultants is evident when you go 'beyond the basics' and my feeling is that a marketing professional (like myself) will provide the most creative strategies and competitive recommendations since marketing and business development are closely tied to advanced search engine optimization techniques.

What does writing and communicating have to do with SEO?
Everything. Even if you find a broadly experienced SEO advisor or consultant, they may not have talent in being a good writer or communicator. Being able to tell your story in a clear manner on your Site is an important aspect of the job of a good search engine optimization writer.

Being able to explain how to do search engine optimization to a team of writers, designers, IT professionals, and management, is an important aspect of what I do in my report.

If you buy my report, you will see that it goes well beyond how to achieve top search engine position and ranking and includes rationale while it helps each member of your team determine what they need to do and how to develop an action plan. All team members unless you do the writing, designing, and web development yourself which is possible (I do). Otherwise, your team will need to collaborate and my plan helps enable teamwork.

What about search engine 'submit software' and services?
Avoid it. The software that claims to submit your Site to 'hundreds of search engines' simply does not work very well or at all. It seems like 'the easy way out' but unless your Site is already search engine optimized, this is will not work well at all.

The greatest problem is that each search engine has its own methods of submission - and only a handful of search engines need to be submitted to. Once your Site is being 'crawled' or appears in the search engine directory or index, additional submissions may cause your Site to fall rather than rise in the rankings.

What if the search engines change their ranking methods?
My search engine optimization (SEO) technique is proven and time-tested yet safe, logical, based on common sense, and designed to produce results no matter how the search engines change, unless the search engines decide only to show paid results, (which is highly unlikely). My proven search engine optimization strategy works because it it based on how search engines prefer Sites and pages to be written and designed. It's not a trick, it's a method and technique.

Why do you sell a report rather than do the SEO work?
In the beginning I did search engine optimization for myself and for clients I developed Sites for (along with strategy-based copywriting, business planning, graphic design, advertising, promotion, and more).

Since SEO involves writing and web design, and some web Site changes, many clients desiring search engine optimization and top search engine results and rankings prefer to learn my technique, follow my recommendations, and apply search engine optimization procedures on their own using their IT department, web developers and writers. This way I do not touch their web Sites and they have greater control.

What about buying paid or sponsored results?
Top search engine results and rankings that are real, non-paid and non-sponsored are the results you want even if you choose to augment your real search engine results by paying for position.

Do you pay for position or pay for sponsored links?
No. I never had to pay for position to get top search engine ranking and results and still do not. If you find any of my pages from a search, my pages in the results are real non-paid, non-sponsored results.

Can you help us buy pay for position or sponsored results?
No. I do not get involved with pay for position since I never needed it for any of the Sites I have developed. I may be able to help you with recommendations on keywords and phrases relating to your business and pay-for-position or sponsored results.

Should we buy pay for position or sponsored results?
Maybe, but you may not need to (or want to pay for them) after buying my report and implementing my recommendations to achieve top search engine web results. In some extremely competitive industries with tremendously strong web presence, they might help. Otherwise, you will find my recommendations from my report may be all you need.

Please contact Rob if you have any further questions.

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