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How and why did the economy turn so quickly?

The Internet was driving the economy.  Disreputable companies abused information they collected from users, did not provide the services they promised, and/or did not employ adequate security measures to protect user information.

Not all Sites were disreputable, but those that were made the headlines and were covered in shows like '60 Minutes' and 'Dateline NBC". That's when this downturn began.

People's fears about their Privacy and Security online caused them to lose trust and confidence in all Sites. 

Some stopped using Sites altogether, limited their use, or entered incorrect information to protect themselves.

Then the Internet began to fail.

The failure of the Internet caused a ripple effect that is now effecting all industries in the U.S. and around the Globe.

Read the headlines below and you'll quickly see the results.

A R T I C L E S:
Articles below relate to Consumer Confidence, Layoffs & Bankruptcies.
The list is by no means complete, there are many more.

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Headlines in black are from former news articles that are no longer live.
Many news services keep information live for only 7 days. These are only selected articles and do not include all the news.

Consumer Confidence

Stock Reports

Note: Privately held companies are not required to announce cutbacks so the numbers are likely much higher.

Layoffs - In General:

Layoffs in Brick and Mortars including Manufacturing:

Layoffs in Media and Entertainment Companies:

Layoffs in High-Tech Companies:

Layoffs in Internet Companies:



What's next?
When layoffs, closures and bankruptcies occur, and stocks tumble, consumer confidence and trust drops, and ultimately people limit spending. Then we all face hard times.

When the US economy falters, it effects the entire World.

Our mission is to provide the highest level of real Consumer Confidence and Trust in all Organizations, help people understand how severe the situation is becoming, and show people what they can do right now to help put the Internet back on solid ground and avoid further problems. We cannot afford to step back, we must move forward again.

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