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The real beauty in our work is in the process that leads to it.

At Lien Design, we create brands and package design that gets noticed and most importantly, will make your customers want to BUY. Visit us today to get started on your packaging design project: Lien Design.

You work with me and people I recommend with years of experience, broad knowledge, and a very smart approach.

We engage people in a thoughtful step by step exchange that leads to best choices before we create anything at all.

After exchange, execution is much more sure and fast since it makes sense, we know just what we're doing, and why.



We work in many styles, with each solution based on the most appropriate style and treatment for the intended market.
With a business approach, we focus on what appeals to your buyers, not our tastes. Our work sells things.
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We design the retail packaging that flies off store shelves - which is the point.

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Our designer Tom designed all the packaging and logos shown above, yet the way we work makes our packaging design cost far less than most imagine - very smart and affordable.

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Retail packaging we design sells major brands yet we do 'pretty' and 'elegant' just as well. Click logos | packaging | print

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We design retail packaging that sells, yet typically the final cost for a new package design is more affordable than you might have thought.

Why? Because we're experienced, fast, efficient, and we conduct the packaging design process with you in very methodical and proven step by step phases, entirely online, without meetings or other expenses.

Of course if you make a lot of changes or want to see many optional packaging designs or variations in the packaging design the cost can increase, yet with our phase by phase method you control the final retail packaging design costs.

With our phase by phase design process and our unique billing method it's almost impossible to go wrong, or to waste time in the packaging design process. Our clients almost always save a tremendous amount of time and money, getting brand name looks for about 1/2 of the cost many believe. We don't cut corners, we simply know what we're doing and are very good at it.

We work in blocks of time of (usually 3,5,or 7 hours per, though other blocks of time as well) so you see where the time goes, and by email we move along very quickly. See how we bill now. Our method is quite simple, very fair and straightforward.

Through a special arrangement we can optionally provide you full project estimates if you prefer.

Contact us to talk to our designer directly about your retail packaging. We guarantee you'll be entirely amazed.

Spend an hour with Tom our senior designer. Learn more >>

Learn more about how we work, which our retail packaging design clients find is the very best part of working with us.

All of our clients are surprised by the reasonable cost, quality, and how we work worldwide, and most important, how the packages we design are loved and bought by retail, wholesale, and consumers buyers alike. Our designs sell products.

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Brands and products in PDFs linked above include LUNCHABLES, PEPSI, OSCAR MAYER, GATORADE, GORTON'S frozen foods, CVS, HUGGIES ,GAIA, and others. All are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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More samples of our packaging design, marketing, and promotional work - 1979 to present:

Trademark Brand Development
brand identity | naming | positioning | logo design | trademarks |  strategy | see more >>

Brand Development | brand identity | naming | positioning | logo design | trademarks | strategy | see more >>

Retail product packaging design
owners manuals | sleeves | blister packs | point-of-purchase |  strategy |  boxes |  hang cards |  see more >>

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Video and TV
video | motion graphics | animation | internet | radio | strategy | see more >>

Play in WindowsMediaPlayer                    Click to see more motion graphics.                Click to see more motion graphics,     

Advertising, promotion, collateral materials
advertising | brochures | sell sheets | catalogs | annual reports | packaging | see more >>

Print, Advertising, Promotion | advertising | brochures | sell sheets | catalogs | annual reports | packaging | see more >>


Internet and web development
web development | web copywriting | search engine optimization | Banner Ads & Affiliate Programs | see more >>

Internet | web development | web copywriting | search engine optimization | Banner Ads & Affiliate Programs | see more >>

Trade Shows, displays, exhibits, and banners
booth and graphic design | handouts | video | logistics | strategy |  banners  |  see more >>

Trade Shows and Exhibits | booth and graphic design | handouts | video | logistics | strategy | see more >>

Smart as can be - across the board - since 1979 - with a proven, successful method.
Thought, research, analysis, strategy, execution - great reasons to choose Cummings Design.
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The Original Cummings Design, founded in 1979, streamlined the creative process by providing all aspects of advertising, marketing, promotion, packaging, product development, corporate identity, branding, trademarks, trade show exhibits, and all other business-related creative and marketing strategy from a single source.

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