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Since 1979, we've developed retail product packaging that sells and adds value.

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Book 1 hour and talk directly with a leading brand name package designer, the designer of every package above.

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I'm Tom, designer of all the packages above.

Senior Designer Tom

We can talk for about an hour and seriously see what we can do together.

If you choose to proceed after the first hour I will personally be the designer for your logo and/or package design unless all you have is questions about branding or design, even technical aspects, which I'm glad to answer.

Due to our unique simple billing method you can book just 1 hour* and talk with me about any aspect of retail packaging design or art preparation.

*The first 15 minutes is free, so if you book one hour you get 1.25 hours.

We can discuss any aspect of packaging or graphic design.

Preferably with both of us online you can send me artwork, photos and anything you wish to discuss and evaluate, and I can send you things too.

The rate is shown before checkout. All you need to do is book one hour.

For details, visit the Book Time page, scroll up to read, then click the blue button PACKAGING OR DESIGN BY THE HOUR, and checkout.

Either way...

The next thing you know I'll be contacting you directly to schedule a 1.25 hour discussion on any aspect of packaging or design you wish.

Thanks and I look forward to helping you!


Brands and products in PDFs linked above include LUNCHABLES, PEPSI TWIST, OSCAR MAYER, GATORADE, GORTON'S frozen foods, CVS, HUGGIES ,GAIA, and others. All are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

A professional Southern California Advertising Agency and Graphic Design firm.
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