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In 1997, in a continuing effort to diversify and strengthen its assets, Kwong Fong expanded into the lucrative high technology sector with the creation of Kwong Quest, LLC., a manufacturer and distributor of audio and other high technology products sold under the Benwin trademark.

Benwin achieved its initial notoriety via its line of unique flat panel audio speaker systems. The first of their kind, Benwin audio speakers are only 7mm thin, yet deliver sound quality equal to or better than conventional cone-type speakers. For computers as well as home and portable electronics systems, Benwin speakers are less costly to produce than conventional cone-type speakers.

In under two years, Benwin’s initial product offerings, coupled with innovative marketing and public relations strategies, have provided Benwin with significant press coverage, enabling it to become known as a significant force in the development, marketing and manufacturing of innovative high technology products. The unique designs (made available via the lack of the need for a speaker cone), have enabled Benwin speaker systems to win numerous accolades, including the prestigious Industrial Design Society of America’s Product Design of the Year Award (featured in Business Week magazine). Benwin speakers have been on display in the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Design, and were awarded the Consumer Electronics Show 2000 Innovations Award.

Kwong Quest, LLC.’s sales, marketing and distribution are handled from its U.S. headquarters (located in City of Industry, California), while its products are manufactured in Asia. Its U.S. presence, combined with the economies of its Asian manufacturing facilities, enable Benwin to develop, market, manufacture, sell and distribute innovative and unique high technology products with a very competitive pricing structure.

Benwin will continue to focus on developing and bringing state-of-the-art technologies to market worldwide. In addition, Benwin will continue to make various strategic alliances with technology developers and suppliers to enhance its product offerings as well as its significance to the growth of the Kwong Fong family.

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