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One solution to global warming is right in your lap(top).

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Global warming, the tipping point, staying at home or work.
By Rob Cummings

Please join me and help by dropping the temps just -1 by working online.

Global warming, hot topic, and hotter, colder, rainier, windier, drier around the world.

Scientists believe it may only take a degree or two and may not be the gradual warming or cooling some perhaps wish were true.

With ice, one degree and it's not (ice), so those believing a degree or two won't matter may be mistaken. 1 apparently matters and one way to help seems obvious.

Please promote working more often online.

If you (and 1000's of others) would skip driving to a meeting just one day, and did the same work online, we might drop -1.

If you skipped one trip to the Mall, and instead ordered online, might help too.

At home or work, the faster we start doing more online, the better.

Like ice, solid at 32 F, dripping water at 33. (1)

1 seems so easily do-able, you can help by simply working more often online, and you'll benefit in many other ways as well (fewer emissions, less traffic, less gas).

The more people you tell, the sooner we drop it down a degree (or two).

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Work online more often, and ask others to as well.

I'm looking forward to a 1 cooler Earth to live on, no profit, just a cooler planet.

If you wear 1 sold at my direct cost, or show it off, people will ask "what is 1?"

You'll tell them 1  simply means working online more often. They'll tell others, and so on, and we can probably see the planet cool off in a year, if everyone helps a little.

This involves no sacrifice, and likely will increase productivity (and worker happiness).

Not the next alternative fuel, it certainly seems viable and smart right now, to a degree.

Please pass it on.

Thanks very much for your support,

/rob cummings/

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