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Furon 1999 Benefit Options Guide

We are pleased to provide you with the 1999 Furon Benefits Guide.

Your benefits are a very important part of your total compensation package at Furon. They represent our ongoing commitment to the welfare and security of our employees and their families.

Benefits decisions are family decisions. The choices you make each year have a direct impact on you and your dependents. We hope that you will take the time to carefully review the benefits options available to you, and share the decision-making process with your family, so that your benefits elections will meet your needs throughout the year.

This booklet summarizes each of the health care coverage options available.
For additional information, eligibility requirements, and exclusions, you should refer to your Employee Handbook. In addition, please contact Human Resources if you have questions about information contained in this booklet or the Employee Handbook.

How to Enroll and More Information

Who should complete a form?
Complete an enrollment form if you plan to:

  • Change benefit coverage and/or levels of coverage

  • Add/change/delete eligible dependents

  • Make a vacation pay election

Participate in a Health Care Reimbursement Account or a Dependent Care
Reimbursement Account

Please consider your choices carefully.
The decisions you make will take effect on January 1, 1999. They will remain in effect through December 31, 1999, unless you have what the Internal Revenue Service defines as a change in family status. The definition of a family status change is listed in the Eligibility Section of your Employee Handbook.

If you do not return your Form
It is very important that you return your Enrollment Form to your Human Resources Team Leader by the deadline.

If you don't, the benefits coverages you had during the previous year will continue, with the exception of Reimbursement Accounts.

Take some time to consider your benefit option choices carefully.
Discuss your decisions with your family. When you have made your choices, please complete and sign your enrollment form, and return it to your Human Resources Team Leader.

If you have questions about Furonís Benefits Program that are not answered in the materials you have received, or in your Employee Handbook, please contact your Human Resources Team Leader.

More Information
This booklet summarizes some of the main points of the Furon Benefit Plans. These summaries and any charts and/or references are not intended to cover every detail. For instance, they do not describe eligibility requirements or list all of the requirements or list all of the circumstances under which benefits will not be paid.

Complete details about each of the Benefit Plans offered by Furon are in the legal plan documents, insurance contracts, policies, and other legal documents that govern plan operation and administration.

If there should ever be a difference between the summary in this booklet or the Employee Handbook and the provisions of the legal documents specified above, the documents, contracts, and policies would govern. If you would like to review any of these governing materials, you can make arrangements by calling the Corporate Benefits Department. The Company reserves the right to interpret this Benefits Guide, Employee Handbook and various plan documents.

If you choose an HMO, your relationship as a participant is with the HMO. Furon is not responsible for any part of covered HMO expenses you must pay. The Company also does not guarantee any HMOís ability to provide services. Each HMO is entirely responsible for resolving any questions or disagreements about its coverage. If you have questions about a particular HMO, contact the HMO representative.

Plan Changes
The Benefits Guide is issued annually during Open Enrollment. If a benefit program change occurs before the next printing, we will provide you with updates through employee communications to ensure that up-to-date information is available for you and your family. The Company reserves the right to make changes, where appropriate, to its Benefit Plan.

Benefit Elections
Please consider your benefit elections carefully, as your opportunity to change those elections is limited to Open Enrollment, with the exception of certain Family Status Changes (please refer to your Employee Handbook for additional information).

Your other Furon Benefits
Furon offers a wide range of benefits in addition to those mentioned in this booklet, including 401(k), ESPP, and ESOP. For more information on these benefits, please refer to your Employee Handbook.

Details about each plan followed in the handbook.