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An Orange County Southern California PR Firm, Advertising Agency, Design Firm  - and more.

Public Relations (PR), press, publicity and events.

Spark. A twist that makes things happen, and makes news.

Our broad approach and big picture thinking enables us to help you develop an effective PR campaign that ties in publicity with advertising, promotion, graphics, your product or service launch, trade show exhibit, and everything else you need to make progress, and news.

We can help you make news, and make the most of the news you have.

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Rob Cummings knows about a lot of things - from training, self-education, and life experience.

Cummings Design is an Ad Agency, Graphic Design Firm, PR Firm - and more.

We can help create your press kit, write the press releases, and help develop your story or event to make it more newsworthy - which gets better press.

We help:

  • develop concepts that are newsworthy

  • create the media buzz that surrounds the concepts

  • create events and event concepts

  • create and develop media kits that are printed, on digital media
    (CD or DVD), or both

  • develop graphic elements that make it easier for the press

  • develop a press release strategy

We can also:

  • help write a press release

  • write a press release for you

  • analyze a press release you are about to send out

  • explain methods to distribute press releases

  • coin new terms for use in describing processes

  • write articles and white papers

For events, we can help:

  • name the event

  • promote the event

  • create event graphics and banners

  • develop event traffic flow and logistics (10 yrs in televised awards shows)

  • develop talent check-in and care services

  • create event tickets

  • develop radio spots

  • advertise the event

  • develop concepts to improve the outcome

  • more

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